Opportunity in Post-embargo Cuba

Cuba, the largest country by land area in the Caribbean, has been all over the news this week following interest in investment by US companies, namely Google or Airbnb. The home rental company just launched 1,000 brand new listings–only available to Americans for now—in anticipation of an upcoming boom in tourism. Netflix launched a streaming service recently, and JetBlue added a charter flight to Cuba from Tampa, even though travel to the Caribbean island is still limited. What’s all the fuss about? Last December the United States announced restrictions would be lifted in the island after over 50 years of … Continue reading Opportunity in Post-embargo Cuba

Breakthroughs in Solar Energy

  Will solar be the cheapest form of electricity in the next 10 years?  Is there no end to the cost decline of photovoltaics? This is a question several of our clients are asking — so we threw it out to our panel of on-the-ground solar experts across developing markets. Their answer: we certainly hope so! More than a ray of hope Indeed, solar seems to be rounding the corner, especially in the case of utility-scale projects. There is significant buzz right now, especially around conventional silicon-based solar technologies and ground-mounted systems. Shedding light on true costs How cheap is solar? … Continue reading Breakthroughs in Solar Energy