Did you miss our workshop on Agile Management for International Development?

OnFrontiers hosted a breakthrough workshop on Bringing Agile Management to International Development

Last Tuesday over 80 international development professionals from 40 different companies and organizations gathered in DC to discuss this amorphous idea of Agile Management and how it fits with international development.

The speakers and panelists included:

  • Steve Denning – Author of The Age of Agile and former Knowledge Director, The World Bank
  • Alexis Bonnell – Chief Innovation Officer, USAID
  • Jonathan Nash – Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Blumont Inc.
    Former Acting CEO, Millennium Challenge Corporation
  • Brigit Helms – Vice President of Technical Services, DAI
  • Stefano Negri – Former Manager, CEO’s Strategic Initiatives, The World Bank

We succeeded in bringing Steve Denning back to his international development roots to discuss the ascendance of Agile as a core operating principal of the fastest growing companies and examine specific aspects of applying Agile in the international development arena.

Stay tuned for a recap on what we learned. We did not record the workshop to allow for more free-flowing conversation, but we’ll be summarizing key take aways shortly. In the meantime, check out the speaker slides, these articles from The Economist and The Financial Times, and Steve’s book The Age of Agile.

If you couldn’t make it last week, join the discussion anyways! We’d love to hear your perspective on Agile, what you’ve tried and how it fits with your company, your work, and international development. We’re excited to hear from you!