Experts on helping Afghans in need

In times of crisis, networks empower us to blow past information clutter and bureaucratic structures to mobilize talent and resources and protect human lives. 

Recently, James Black, the Head of our OnFrontiers Federal Expert Group and former Air Force Contracting Officer, received a request for help from military officers trying to aid Afghans who supported the US government as intelligence operatives, security guards, interpreters, and logistical and administrative personnel. They asked, “Is there anything you can do to help us evacuate Afghanistan?” 

Within a few short hours, James connected with Hardam Tripathi, an expert in our marketplace, who gave him a detailed guide that James used to advance documentation and sponsorship of several at-risk families. Hardem also shared several resources on how to help Afghan families in need.

It’s moments like these that clarify the power of what James and our entire team are building. I wish we could have played a part in preventing this hardship, but it’s fulfilling at least to support humanitarian actors now in their pursuit of saving lives.

Do you have information that can help Afghans and US nationals in Afghanistan? Join our network to see how you can help.

Immigration resources to help at-risk Afghans find refuge in the US 

Many of these resources can also help Afghans who do not qualify for Special Immigration Visas (SIVs) and US nationals seeking evacuation assistance.

American Immigration Lawyers Association Resources for Assisting Afghan Clients

This site includes directions and important documents to submit for Afghans and US nationals in need of immigration assistance and Forms for Requesting Assistance for Afghans, a Medical Exam Waiver for Certain Afghan SIV Applicants, and more.

Department of Defense (DoD) Form Significant Public Benefit Parole / DoD Parole Program

Resources Shared by Retired Lieutenant Colonel Margaret Stock During Emergency Roundtable on Resources for Assisting Afghans. Download Form | Learn more about the Parole Program.

Human Rights First: Steps to Protect Your Online Identity from the Taliban

With the Taliban using abandoned US biometric databases and equipment, our Afghan allies and their loved ones are in serious danger. The Human Rights First organization provides tips to protect online identity, prepare for internet censorship and shutdowns and surveillance, and deleting digital history in English, Pashto, and Dari. 
View tips | Download Guide

International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP): Legal Resources for Afghans

The IRAP has compiled a number of resources to assist Afghans, their friends, and colleagues in their efforts to relocate safety in the US.