From Idea to Completion: Using OnFrontiers to Get the Right Experts Fast

New OnFrontiers Project Manager Morgan Johnson has noticed a few repeated questions from our clients.

In this edited Q&A, he offers suggestions about how clients can launch their project and let OnFrontiers’ team find the right expert resource for projects quickly.


Q: What if I’m not sure how to come up with my research questions?

Morgan: Many people spend a lot of time struggling to frame their research questions before they build out a project. It’s important to remember that our research managers (RMs) are on hand to walk through those questions with you, to help you process what questions you might want to ask, and which experts might provide the best information for your particular project.


Q: Do I need to know everything about what I’m looking for to get started?

Morgan: No — don’t wait until you have everything figured out to start your project. Allow our research managers to help you so you can access your experts and information sooner. Project details can also be edited, so as you have conversations with your RM, or you start to see some of the expert profiles they provide, you can always go back and reframe your questions.


Q: Beyond sector and geography, are there other ways to refine my request?

Morgan: Yes! Don’t forget that you can highlight specific companies you would be interested in talking to.

If there’s already a company you know may have the perspective, or expertise you are looking for, let the RMs know so they can be sure to search for experts from within those companies.


Q: What if my need seems too specific?

Morgan: Never be afraid to get specific. Not every project needs a very particular person, but if you need something exact, let your research manager know. The more information you provide on who you need to talk to, or what information you need, the more the RM can help find the exact right person. We pride ourselves on being able to bring in experts with the exact experience and background which would be most helpful for you, even if the request seems outrageously niche.


Q: How many experts should I request?

Morgan: One of the strengths of OnFrontiers is having access to experts with a variety of different perspectives on a particular issue. While every project is different, and you may be looking for a single piece of information that only requires one call, usually speaking to 2-3 experts can offer much more nuance to your understanding of an issue.


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