How to plan to your Virtual Capture Trip

How many times have you looked at the budget required for your capture trip and groaned? Do you have the money to send a team of people flying thousands of miles around the world to spend a week on the ground just to have conversations and meet people?

How many people on your team can you spare for these trips? What is it costing your company outside of time and money? What is it costing your soul to keep emitting CO2 and warming the climate? What would Greta Thunberg say?

More and more frequently, BD teams have been relying on remote capture strategies on all but the biggest-budget opportunities. Often times teams can get the same level of intelligence and contacts by working with experts remotely, saving themselves time, money, and avoiding Greta’s judgmental stare in the back of their minds. 

How does a Virtual Capture Trip work?

Capture teams have been using OnFrontiers to plan capture trips remotely by getting connected directly with the experts they need.

The process is pretty simple, you just:

  1. Request a subject matter expert on any topic, anywhere in the world and get matched within 48 hours
  2. Review the profiles to see all the experts who can answer your specific questions and see their background and experience
  3. Connect over the phone to discuss your specific questions and hear their insights and perspectives
  4. Share the recording and transcript with your team and move on to the next topic/ questions or re-engage the expert

What types of questions can experts answer?

Experts can support at different stages of your capture process and answer many different questions. Here’s a few questions that BD teams use pretty frequently:

  • What are the successes and challenges of the current project and what changes/ innovations will USAID be looking to see on the re-bid?
  • What challenges and opportunities exist related to this sector/ topic in this country/ region?
  • What type of subcontractors should we engage for our proposal to set us apart from the competition?
  • Do you have relationships with key individuals/ organizations working in this sector/topic in order to help us identify partnership opportunities?
  • What are DFID’s current priorities related to Global Health Partnerships?

What comes next?

Many times these expert calls are only the beginning of a very promising relationships. Experts you meet on these calls often become an integral part of your team. 

OnFrontiers experts have become:

  • Local Fixers – supporting your research, recruiting, and partnerships on the ground
  • Technical writers – helping you to the best insights into your proposal from experts with experience in the technical area and the local context
  • Key Personnel – joining your team as Chief of Party, Team Lead, or in other named key positions

OnFrontiers tracks USAID and DFID forecasted opportunities and pre-recruits experts in advance for our Tipsheet to help teams with their remote capture efforts.

Need help getting oriented on a new proposal? Subscribe to the Tipsheet to see a few experts who can help, or request a custom matched expert from our Marketplace for your specific needs.

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