How to Scale Solar in a Post-Green Era

Blog author Gavin Serkin is the Editorial Director for OnFrontiers and the Founder and Managing Editor of the Frontier Funds Consultancy.

Where does Trump’s climate-change skepticism leave renewable power projects? And why are African utilities so resistant to buying solar and wind generated power?

These are some of your questions that we’ll be putting to Christian Wray, co-Founder and Chief Executive of JCM Power, the Canadian firm that has developed over 70 renewable energy projects across Africa and Latin America, and Jake Cusack, co-Founder and Managing Partner of Crossboundary, which recently created the first dedicated investment fund for commercial and industrial-scale solar in Africa.

Join our #ExpertChat online this Tuesday (April 18) at 11:30am in New York / 4:30pm in London. Register and post your questions here:


Discussion topics so far:

  • Frontier’s funding challenge: 101 on raising capital for renewable projects
  • Businessential models: what works, what doesn’t in financing solar?
  • Case study: Sub-Saharan Africa’s funding challenge
  • Utilities & ministries: Tricks to engage a nation in development
  • No guarantees: Is financing possible without government backing?
  • Age-old enemies: Corruption, bureaucracy and how to handle them
  • 24/7: Hybrid solutions for continuous power supply & better storage
  • Panel talks panels: Sourcing solar kits locally
  • Changing power distribution: Policy readiness in the developing world
  • Power pools: regional cooperation & multilateral projects
  • Solar powered investments: Start-up insights
  • Your planet needs you! Ways to get involved in renewable projects


Who? Christian Wray, the co-Founder and Chief Executive of JCM Power

Jake Cusack, the co-Founder and Managing Partner of Crossboundary

Moderator: Gavin Serkin, Editorial Director of OnFrontiers & Founder of Frontier Funds

What? Half-hour live discussion
Why? Find out how global politics is shaping renewable energy projects in Africa, Latin America & beyond
When? Tuesday, April 18th

11:30am-noon in NYC

4:30pm-5 in London

Where? Your computer
How? Register here 

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