OnFrontiers To Connect Resilience Practitioners

OnFrontiers is very excited to announce that we’re partnering up with the Rockefeller Foundation to develop a global network of resilience experts.

This initiative, called Zilient, was formally launched earlier this year by the Rockefeller Foundation and is a new online platform designed specifically for resilience practitioners. Other partners include Blue State Digital and the Thomson Reuters Foundation. Zilient hosts user profile pages, a searchable member database, and a global event directory to help connect resilience practitioners worldwide. Zilient also publishes news articles and reports each week on the latest in the resilience field.

OnFrontiers is proud to be a partner in this endeavor! Our team members attended RES/CON, the Global Resilience Summit, from 7-9 March to help demo the platform to resilience professionals and are already working to recruit new resilience experts. These include professionals working on some of the biggest social, economic, and environmental challenges of our time, including on climate change, financial inclusion, cities and infrastructure, and health.

“Developing a network of experts that can advance the resilience field is well aligned with our mission. An important part of our value add is to cultivate a network that extends beyond the Rockefeller ‘choir’ and spans across sectors, geographies and the different roles members play in their organizations,”said Anne Kroijer, Co-Founder at OnFrontiers.

Explore the Zilient news platform and sign up for free here.