Preparing for Disaster: Partnering for the Future

By Stacey Mattish

Natural disasters affect roughly 217 million people each year, and emerging markets are particularly vulnerable. When disasters strike, communities are devastated. Families are left scrambling while businesses stave off financial ruin. To reduce vulnerability and increase a community’s ability to bounce back, governments must devise a plan to address the needs of their communities while allaying the panic that ensues. To get ahead of these problems, the Sendai Framework creates alignment among state governments and the private sector, supporting their ability to work together to develop and implement a plan that reduces the loss of lives and livelihood when disaster strikes.

Mexico, the location of this year’s Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction conference, has taken this idea to heart and has developed a system to warn both the government and civilians of any incoming earthquakes. Working together with investment groups and civilian contractors, the government has placed sensors around Mexico that give residents 30 to 60 seconds of warning, allowing them a head start as they rush to safety.

In our webinar on Tuesday, May 16, Chief Editor of,  Megan Rowling, will be discussing the Sendai Framework with Dan Lewis, Chief of Urban Risk Reduction at UN-Habitat, and Ricardo Mena, the Head of Regional Offices at UNISDR. Here is some of what we’ll be discussing:

  • How does the Sendai Framework in flight improve disaster risk reduction and increase resilience?
  • What kinds of investment opportunities are available for companies that want to partner with countries and states seeking to develop disaster preparedness programs?
  • What trends and innovations are currently prevalent in disaster risk reduction?



Who? Megan Rowling – Journalist at Thomson Reuters Foundation and Chief Editor of

Dan Lewis – Chief of Urban Risk Reduction at UN–Habitat

Ricardo Mena – Head of Regional Offices at UNISDR

What? 50-minute online discussion with live questions and moderate chat
Why? Discover how the Sendai Framework helps global communities prepare for and recover from disasters and crises.
When? Tuesday, May 16

10:00 – 10:50 a.m. EDT

Where? Your computer
How? Register here

Featured image was taken by UNISDR courtesy of Flickr.

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  1. Nous représentons la société civile au sein de la Plate-forme Nationale RRC en République Démocratique du Congo(RDC) et nous préoccupés par la recrudescence des catastrophes naturels après de nos communautés locales dans une position d’incapacité d’agir par manque des outils de travail appropriés.Nous comptons beaucoup sur l’UNISDR pour nous renforcer dans la mise en oeuvre de la feuille de route tirée de la stratégie nationale RRC 2017-2020.

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