The Big Data Credit Revolution in Frontier Markets

              Startup-driven development In frontier markets, gaining access to finance has traditionally been a hindrance for most consumers. Perceived as not being credit-worthy, they are ignored by formal lending institutions and have to rely on other, non-formal, sources of credit. A rapid change is underway, however, due to technological advances that allow credit firms to analyze non-financial data to identify credit-worthy consumers that were previously invisible in the system. Interestingly, startups are driving the development of big data models and algorithms for mobile banking. By mining data on mobile networks, they are able to drive … Continue reading The Big Data Credit Revolution in Frontier Markets

3D Printing: More than Manufacturing

3D printing, also known as “additive manufacturing,” is a process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file, one layer of material (usually plastic) at a time. Pretty much anything can be 3D printed, from spare parts for aircraft to musical instruments, weapons, apparel, organs, and potentially, other 3D printers, too. Most 3D printing is currently used in manufacturing to do cheap rapid prototyping and test products—PwC estimates that 67% of manufacturers are already using the technology. More and more companies are now starting to plan how they will adapt to the technology, considered by some as the trigger … Continue reading 3D Printing: More than Manufacturing

Innovative Education for Refugees

The horrendous conflict in Syria, with an estimated 6.5 million displaced and 3 million refugees, has brought up the challenges of education in emergencies one more time. Worldwide there are around 51.2 million people displaced and 16.7 million refugees, of which approximately half are under 18. As education in emergencies expert and Columbia professor Mary Mendenhall explained this month in a talk at Columbia University, the fact that 80% of these camps are hosted in developing countries is the root of many of the shortcomings refugees face. On top of that, Professor Mendenhall emphasized the lack of funding for education … Continue reading Innovative Education for Refugees

African Tech Hubs

We have witnessed cubicles slowly giving way to open spaces shared among many organizations, with shared infrastructure and resources. This is also true for many African countries, where the technology sector has been quickly developing and attracting investment from all over the world. Tech is on a roll in the continent, where Fortune predicted an imminent Internet boom. There are between 100 and 200 African hubs according to VC4A, the largest online community of venture capitalists, angels and entrepreneurs building businesses in Africa. Over $27 million has been raised from investors in the community. More co-working spaces and hubs continue … Continue reading African Tech Hubs