Tail Risk of an Orange Swan Event?

Blog author Gavin Serkin is the Editorial Director for OnFrontiers and the Founder and Managing Editor of the Frontier Funds Consultancy.

By Gavin Serkin

In the tradition of emerging markets soothsayers, Ruchir Sharma has a knack for catchy acronyms. But unlike Jim O’Neill, whose famous BRICs grouping identified the world’s one-time go-go economies, Sharma delivers a far more sobering message in his four D’s: Depopulation, deleveraging, deglobalization and de-democratization. These are trends that will be a noose around the neck of global growth.

For now, Sharma’s message is falling on deaf ears on Wall Street and Washington. Markets have been rallying in the US and across emerging and frontier markets throughout Donald Trump’s first hundred days as President.

In our #ExpertChat online discussion tomorrow, we’ll be asking Sharma for his take on the underlying risks from the Trump presidency, and whether the “orange swan event,” as it was described before last year’s US election, been exaggerated or overlooked?

The discussion is online this Tuesday (May 2) at 11:30am in New York / 4:30pm in London. Just click on this link to register and don’t forget to post your questions.

Some of your questions so far:

  • Tail risks of the “Orange Swan” event: Are the dangers represented Trump’s presidency being overlooked?
  • Relative trends: Trump Vs. the commodities recovery Vs. Fed rate increases Vs. the French elections?
  • Brexit impact: What de-globalization looks like?
  • Wider implications: How the Trump presidency is impacting foreign aid and foreign direct investment in developing countries
  • Relative value: Opportunities and risks in various emerging and frontier markets
  • D’s for discord: De-population? Working age populations are booming in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa
  • Governance vulnerability: How to protect investments against political, legal and regulatory risks
  • Climate change: The risks for emerging markets
  • Economic cooperation: The effects of joint ventures such as within maritime infrastructure

Join us on Tuesday 2nd May, at 11:30am EST


Who? Ruchir Sharma, Head of Emerging Markets & Chief Global Strategist at Morgan Stanley Investment Management
What? Half-hour live discussion
Why? Discover the outlook for emerging and frontier markets globally from the investor described on Barron’s front page as “Wall Street’s new global thinker”

When? Tuesday 2nd May

11:30am-noon in NYC

4:30pm-5 in London

Where? Your computer
How? Register here


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