The Resilience Dividend Valuation Model: Introducing a New Framework for Practitioners

There are not many times when you can say you actually wrote the playbook on something or that you’ve created a new way to look at the world. This, however, is one time where you actually can.

Through a partnership between the Rockefeller Foundation and the RAND Corporation, a new method to quantify resilient-related projects and investments has been developed. It’s called the Resilience Dividend Valuation Model and it is being released as a new tool for project managers, government officials, planners and other practitioners to make smarter investments by incorporating resilient items and goals into their work flows and evaluation processes.

The full report is now available.The Rockefeller Foundation is also promoting the idea in this video.


Live webinar about the Resilience Dividend Valuation Model

For more details about the new RDVM, practitioners can also register for a live discussion with some of the individuals directly involved at the Rockefeller Foundation and the RAND Corporation in crafting this new framework.

Panel members will include Sundaa Bridgett-Jones (Senior Associate Director at the Rockefeller Foundation) and Craig Bond (RDVM co-author and Senior Economist at the RAND Corporation) and Mike Young (Research Chair in Environmental and Water Policy at the University of Adelaide). The live hour-long discussion and Q&A will begin Thursday, August 10 at 10am (ET).

Registered attendees can submit questions before and during the live event.



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