Think Bitcoin is in the Mother of All Bubbles? Try Ethereum

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After Bitcoin’s 70% rally during August to 50,000 times its price in 2010, even the most ardent digital Luddites must be pausing for thought.

But for anyone tempted to jump on a runaway cryptocurrency bandwagon, the choices are dizzying: Ethereum, another digital currency, is up 4,400% this year. Six of the world’s biggest banks announced this week that they’re working on another form of e-cash dryly named the “utility settlement coin.”

Akin to The Emperor’s New Clothes to many people’s minds, cryptos are all of a sudden being lovingly described as a “safe havens” like gold amidst the threat of a North Korean nuclear strike. Venezuelans are hoarding the virtual money to buck hyperinflation.

In short – it’s time to take a serious look at the digital frontier of cryptocurrencies.

We’ve assembled a panel of experts on everything to do with digital money and blockchain technology – and how it’s shaping developed and emerging economies and societies. Sign up now – it could make it a whole lot easier to talk with your grandchildren.

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Hosted by Editorial Director Gavin Serkin on Friday, Sept. 8, our panel will include:

  • Vanessa Grellet, Executive Director of ConsenSys, which uses Blockchain technology to push for people empowerment and decentralized governance
  • Werner van Rooyen, head of Business Development and Marketing at Luno, the oldest and largest Bitcoin platform in Africa, with a presence in Africa, Southeast Asia and Europe.
  • Anish Mohammed, former lead security architect for Blockchain initiatives at HSBC and Chief Science Officer for Blockchainsmokers, which connects startups with blockchain technology
  • Brian Iselin, president of, which uses Blockchain-type technology to monitor trade supply chains for links to slavery
  • Federico Ast, founder of Crowdjury, a Blockchain-based decentralized justice system

Registered attendees will learn

  • Which countries are leading the way in cryptocurrencies and bitcoin applications — and how to get involved!
  • The differing attitudes of regulators around the world
  • How this technology is REALLY going to become disruptive as it matures


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