Webinar Recap: Tips on Consulting with Experts

This month’s webinar on Best Practices for Interviewing Experts featured a conversation with moderator James Hoffman, a seasoned management consultant, and two great panelists with extensive Expert interview experience. The session focused on strategies for how clients can get the most out of engaging with external Experts and make smart decisions based on quick consultations. The two panelists were Petra Cahill, a freelance journalist for NBC news, and Alejandro Brenes, CEO of Costa Rican energy company Enertiva, who’s an active Expert with OnFrontiers.

Petra Cahill shared insights from her experience as a journalist interviewing Experts. She emphasized the importance of clearly communicating your research goals to your Expert. Cahill explained, as an insight seeker, you’re met with a flood of information, so the more educated an Expert is on what it is you’re looking for, the more able (s)he is to add value to your specific research goals.

Alejandro Brenes offered tips based on his experience as an OnFrontiers Expert. According to Brenes, clients in the later stages of their research are better positioned to benefit from Expert consultations. It may seem counterintuitive to consult an Expert on a well-studied topic, but according to Brenes it actually improves the outcome of the Expert engagement. A client who’s well versed in their research topic will be able to cover more ground quickly and engage the Expert on a deeper level.

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Click here to access a recording of the webinar and gain additional tips on conducting your OnFrontiers expert consultation.

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