Webinar: Using your knowledge network to gain competitive advantage

The latest in our webinar series is set to go next week, Wednesday, July 1 at 12 PM EST. Tune in to learn vital intelligence-gathering tips that will help improve your ability to win government contracts. 

Our panellists have extensive experience in preparing winning bids for federal contracts. They’ll walk you through what to look for, what to measure, and how to position your company against your competitors. 

The panellists

Said Salah

Said is a government pricing strategist with over 25 years of progressive experience in the Federal Government contracting and pricing field. He’s an expert in contracts management, competitive cost modelling, financial analysis, price-to-win (PTW) and price-to-execute (PTE) analysis, competitive analysis, and creative pricing strategies.

Nicole Tripodi, CF APMP

Nicole has over a decade of experience winning multi-million dollar awards and established win rates exceeding industry standards. Nicole has coached over 50 small business executives to winning over $300 million in federal contracts by using competitor intelligence to gain an advantage over competing firms. 

Watch for these key takeaways

Nicole will explain why identifying your competitors is not enough — you must analyze them with the same level of scrutiny you use with your own solutions. She’ll provide actionable ways to assess your competition and to reposition based on what you learn. 

Said has prepared a deep dive into why measurement is one of the most important parts of the bid process. Quantifying your ability to address the evaluation criteria of an opportunity is paramount to success. 

Both panellists will offer insights into how your knowledge network — the experts you use on-demand to help strengthen your position — can assist you in intelligence gathering and strategically positioning yourself against the other known bidders. 

Have a question for the panellists? There’s still time to include it in our Q&A. Submit your questions with your registration, or ask them live on Wednesday in the webinar chat. 

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