What’s it like working at OnFrontiers?

OnFrontiers is reinventing how businesses build, mobilize and scale their knowledge networks, and how experts can play a more meaningful role in the work of any organization. We are taking companies and experts beyond transactional exchanges and towards strategic relationships that can generate business opportunity and intellectual capital with greater ease and agility. 

OnFrontiers has always been driven by the desire to help companies better access the knowledge they need to further their missions. This ambition and respect for knowledge, and the unique human experiences we have inspires everything we do, ranging from how we welcome each other in conversation to how we show up to improve our platform and create high-value relationships. As we grow, we’re committed to building a team that has a hunger for growth and a thirst for breaking barriers to fundamentally rethink how organizations access, harness, and distribute knowledge to solve problems. 

We are growing rapidly and hiring for several positions. If you want to work for a fast-growing startup that is unlocking expertise and helping global businesses increase productivity and efficiency through automation, you’ll be a great fit for our team. But, don’t take my word alone. See what some members of the pack have to say: 

Senior Research Manager & Coordinator APAC & EMEA Region

​​ Friendly, Disciplined, Fierce

I went from working in a cubicle in a law firm, having never heard of “work from home” as a serious option, to working remote full-time from Delhi for a New York-based tech startup. Who said this wasn’t possible? It’s been life-changing. Beyond the flexibility and freedom, what I love about OnFrontiers is that we are fierce in our work, but are considerate of one another. Each of us is at OnFrontiers because we are really good at what we do. That awareness and respect translates in many ways. For example, regardless of your role or the team you support, as a member of the pack, you are encouraged to share your point of view and experience to support market-building, customer success, product development, and cultural setting. 

Maicon Carraro
Software Engineer

Pragmatic, Helpful, Resilient

I joined OnFrontiers because I was eager to make a mark, and improve how companies experienced SaaS. OnFrontiers’ customer-focused mindset and nimbleness have allowed me to move fast to develop and test new products and features to meet customer needs. Being able to see our work go to market in a matter of 3-4 weeks and get positive customer feedback has been really motivating. 

Innovation doesn’t stop. We continue to develop new products and expand our offering to support enterprise networking and how customers navigate our global expert marketplace. The fact that we are growing the engineering team signals how much value we hope to unleash. It’s a great time to be an engineer at OnFrontiers. 

Sherry Ma
Business Development Representative

​​ Determined, Creative, Humble

For me, the people are the stickiest factor about OnFrontiers. We are a tight-knit, global, and diverse group that is extremely communicative and invested in wanting to work together and learn more about the various experiences that connect us to the company’s vision and mission. When I joined, I had no prior experience working in the federal contracting market, which is my industry focus here, but I did have experience working in the public sector and in SaaS sales and was familiar with RFPs and how contracts are bid. That experience was immediately seen and is valued each day. 

Morgan Johnson
Director of Sales

Relational, Approachable, Intentional

What attracted me most to OnFrontiers was this belief that everyone is valued for the knowledge and information they have. As an international development studies graduate, I was also drawn to bridging the knowledge gap at a global scale and building a case for the economics of human intelligence. 

OnFrontiers believes in taking care of its own, and that’s clear as you scroll through the various options and benefits available. Beyond that, one thing people may not think about is that we all use our platform daily for our own learning and professional development. Having access to niche experts and being able to tap them to learn more about how we need to think about potential customers has been incredibly valuable, and has helped us move with greater speed and accuracy as much as it’s done so for our customers.

I get really excited when I think about the company’s scalability. Expertise is everywhere and is needed everywhere. The serviceable market feels boundless as more companies seek highly nuanced expertise versus generalist experts, and with a booming global freelance workforce.

We are hiring across all business verticals. View all job opportunities at OnFrontiers here