Referral Policy


Help support OnFrontiers and further cultivate your professional relationships internationally! The OnFrontiers referral
program allows you to refer colleagues and acquaintances to join our network of Advisors, so that they may be eligible to
participate in projects and share their insights. As an added bonus, you may receive a small reward for useful referrals.

How it Works:

You can refer a colleague quickly and easily through your OnFrontiers Advisor profile:

  1. Log-in to your Advisor profile
  2. Select the ‘Refer a Colleague’ link
  3. Enter in the relevant contact information
  4. Select the ‘Submit’ button, which prompts an email, mentioning your name, to be sent to your colleague with information about OnFrontiers and the option to move forward with becoming an Advisor.

**OnFrontiers may store referral information in order to present other opportunities to your colleagues, but note that OnFrontiers will not sell your colleague’s name or contact details to a third party.

Referral Reward:

You may be eligible for a referral reward of 50 USD when referring colleagues and friends to our network. If your colleague becomes an OnFrontiers Advisor by clicking on the unique link sent in the referral email, and is paid for participating in an OnFrontiers project, OnFrontiers will pay you 50 USD directly. Please note that individuals are not paid for all referrals and referral terms are subject to change.

Helpful Referral Guidelines:

When considering which particular colleagues to refer, we have found that individuals with the following characteristics have been very helpful for our clients and on projects:

  • Individuals with in-depth experience within their respective industry and/or country
  • 5+ years of work experience in their core area of expertise
  • Strong communicator
  • Speak English at full professional proficiency level

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